Tax id for foreigner

We assist to get tax code for non-residents.

Tax code – it is an individual ten-digit unique code of the tax platform in the State Register of Individuals, which is a personal number for the payment of taxes and other mandatory taxpayers issued to non-residents of Ukraine, regardless of age.

Foreign citizens shall apply for tax code to Tax Authority of Kyiv, Sevastopol or relevant regional (oblast) Tax authority.

The tax code of a foreign citizen and a citizen of Ukraine are exactly the same.

A foreigner needs a tax code to:

  • Signing notarized contract, issuing power of attorneys.
  • Setting up a company in Ukraine.
  • Employment.
  • Submitting tax returns in Ukraine and paying taxes.

The term for issuing an identification code or duplicate, re-issuance or making changes to the card is 5 working days.

You can visit tax inspection personally or make a power of attorney to our lawyer, and he will do it for you.

We would need the following information/documents from the client:



Laudis Law Firm



Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with notarization


Application form


Сopy of the page with information about the last entry into Ukraine


Information of the permanent leaving address abroad


The cost of this service is 50$ + 1200 UAH (the cost of the notary)