Why to register TM in Ukraine

In Ukraine, as contrasted with Western jurisdictions, exclusive rights on trademark arise not from the use of trademark, but since the filing the application for registration of TM.

Therefore, planning a long-term business in Ukraine it is better to protect it by registering trademark.


Besides unfair competitors, the business owner is also in danger to become a victim of cybersquatting. This phenomenon means that well-known or actively used trademarks are registered by third parties as domain names in Ukrainian domains with the purpose of sale to trademark owners.

To get a domain name in the top-level domain .ua is possible only if the certificate on trademark is received.

Protection against unfair competition

There are cases when third parties are registering trademark with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. After they offer to sell the TM to the person or company who owns a trademark at an inflated price.  

The use of third party trademark is also misleading customers.

Revaluation Surplus

Trademark is an intangible asset, which can be evaluated with the following evaluation or revaluation of business or transfer of such asset in the use to third parties.

The longer the trademark is present on the market, gaining a proper reputation, the higher its value in the future.

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  • Date: 02 March 2014