Work permit in Ukraine

A non-resident willing to work in Ukraine, even in their own company, should obtain a work permit. Such a permit is not required if the non-resident has a permanent residence card only.

The state fee for obtaining a work permit is equal to the amount of 4 minimum wages (about 250 EUR) .

To start the process of obtaining a work permit, the  non-resident should provide a copy of their passport and educational diploma . The diploma should be notarized, apostilled or legalized, depending on the country where it is issued.  Also  the future employee should obtain a medical certificate in the correct form and a police clearance certificate.

There are  a number of nuances that companies should follow to obtain a work permit successfully, being, proper preparation and submission of required reports to Employment Center, proper certification of documents and so on.

The process of obtaining a work permit lasts 10 working days from the date of collection and submission of the documents to the Employment Center.

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