Our services

  • Services for Non-residents
    • Advising on matters related to taxation of non-resident legal entities and individuals
    • Representative Offices of foreign companies in Ukraine
    • Obtaining work permit for foreigner
    • Obtaining residence permit for foreigner
    • Registration of foreign investment
    • Obtaining immigration permit and permanent resident permit
    • Supporting foreign legal entities and individuals in real estate transactions, including application of scheme for equity rights transfer   
    • Apostillation of documents issued by official authorities of Ukraine
    • Supporting real estate transactions
  • Corporate law

    Corporate Law Services shall include setting up a business (registration of Limited Liability Company), representative office of foreign company in Ukraine or not-for-profit organization (registration of charitable organization, non-governmental organization), private entrepreneur, advising on development of appropriate management board structure of the company or organization, drafting contract with the company head.   

    The foreign company and individual intending to set up a company on the territory of Ukraine shall submit documents and answer the specific questions.  List of documents required for setting up the limited liability company by non-resident is available under the following link.

    We will gladly assist in registration of the LLC. In this regard, please, fill in the application required for LLC registration and contact us using the contact information provided herein.

  • Intellectual property

    In addition to the services on registration of Trade Mark in Ukraine and receiving copyright certificate on a computer program which are the most commonly ordered services, the Firm offers the following services in the field of intellectual property rights' protection

    • Audit of copyrightable subject matters
    • Drafting of Copyright Contracts on copyrightable subject matters
    • Drafting of Ordering Contract on creation of copyrightable subject matter
    • Registration of different subject matters covered by copyright and related rights 
    • Claim-related work in the area of copyright protection in Ukraine
    • Drafting License Contracts on the right to use subject matters covered by copyright and related rights
    • Drafting Assignment Contracts on copyright and related rights
    • Registration of contracts on disposal of copyrights in the competent authority
  • Tax Advice

    Legal support of real estate transactions Providing services for real estate agencies and private clients on an ongoing basis, we have extensive experience in support of real estate transactions

    • Property Purchase Contract
    • Office Space and other Commercial Property Lease Contract
    • Apartment Lease Contract
    • Analysis of transactions related to transfer of right to facilities under construction
    • Land transactions, including agricultural sector/li>
  • Services for Joint-Stock Companies
    • Advice on corporate governance Supporting governing bodies’ activity (General Meeting of Shareholders, Supervisory Board, Executive Body, Audit Commission/Auditor) and formalizing their decisions 
    • Preparation of all requisite supporting documentation
    • Examination of institutional and inner corporate documentation of the company 
    • Drafting Shareholder Contracts, institutional and inner corporate documentation
    • Disclosure of information at the stock market: the preparation of regular and special information about the emitent, its submission to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMSC) and publication in accordance with applicable law
    • Supporting declaration and payment of dividends
    • Supporting securities account opening process and interacting with entities maintaining records of share ownership (depositary institutions, depositees)
    • Supporting M&A transactions as well as securities issue (reorganization, merger, consolidation, change of corporate form, increase/decrease in share capital) Interaction with NSSMSC and its territorial bodies as regards securities issue, changes in share capital, reorganization, preparation of financial statements.
    • Supporting inspections and cases relating to the law infringement at the securities market
    • Drafting international bilingual contracts and accompanying documents thereto (statements, invoices, etc.)/li>
  • Drafting Contracts. Real estate transactions
    • Drafting internal Ukrainian contracts
    • Supporting real estate transactions 
    • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, commercial property lease
    • Registration of ownership of real estate in the legal entity through its incorporation into the share capital