If you want to stay in Kiev as long as you wish, for more than 90 days during 180 days, you would need to get a residency permit.

If you want to open business account, paying 5 % of income, being foreigner you can open Private Entrepreneur, for which you also need residency permit with a registered address.

We are happy to help you to make all those papers, accompany you to the bank, consult on taxation in Ukraine and in your country of residence, according to effective tax treaties.

What we propose is a legal solution where you will be employed in one of our ready company and would not worry about the maintenance of the company, accounting, finding residential director etc.

What we propose you for a fee of USD 499, is:

  • Work permit for 3 years
  • Residency for 3 years
  • Tax code

The exhaustive additional expenses are:

  • Duty for employment UAH 9600 (USD 355)
  • Insurance, necessary for residency around UAH 700 (USD 26)
  • Payrolls for your salary from company which employed you UAH 1580 monthly (USD 60)

And we are just round the corner in Podil!

Address: 25-Б Sagaidachnogo Str., office 202. Entrance from Igorevska Str.