Registration of Title for real estate in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the state registration of title upon alienation of immovable property is required. If agreements on the use of real estate are concluded for a period of three years and more, the registration is optional. Such registration is provided as a service of the Ministry of Justice at the location of the property.

After signing the contract on alienation or use of real estate, parties of the agreement have to register the relevant property rights.

If agreement is notarized, the notary can register property rights by themselves  if such registration is necessary for the conclusion of the contract or is a consequence of its conclusion. The parties of the contract are entitled to register property rights on their own.

In case property is vested into the share capital of a company, which is to be done upon registration of Articles of Association at the State Registrar of companies, such a legal entity has to register title on the real estate by itself. The notary does not register rights in this case, it is obligation of the company.

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