The legislation of Ukraine allows the registration of an investment as imported equipment, products, and money. Such an import or contribution should be factually demonstrated. Law Firm Laudis has worked with registering specialist “know-how”. Specifically, we have registered an investment in this form of “invested material right”, and have won a number of administrative lawsuits to support our position.

The essence of “know-how” is the following: legislation of Ukraine on foreign investments involves the opportunity to make investments in the form of the right, such as the right to use, but subordinate legislation does not provide the  procedures for registration of such investments. Our lawyers have proved the possibility of such registration in court.

Thus the above approach of investment registration would let individual, who acquired real estate personally to register investment in Ukraine without changing title to legal entity, remaining the owner of real estate. It should be reminded that law of Ukraine acknowledges investment only in case of contribution of assents into business, like company for example.