Foreign investment registration

Ukrainian law provides the opportunity to register foreign investments in Ukraine. Registration is not required, but it  gives certain advantages for investors.

Registered investments cannot be nationalized and in the case of a termination of business, the registered investment can be easily returned to investor within the prescribed period and is not taxed.

In addition if the investment equals or exceeds  100 thousand dollars, the foreign investor as an individual has the right to obtain permit for immigration to Ukraine, and on this basis to obtain Ukrainian permanent residence card, which entitles him to reside in the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds permanently. Usually foreigner has no right to stay in Ukraine for more than 180 days per year.

Period during which the registration should be made is not specified by law, which means investment registration may be done in the years following the actual investment.

The registration process includes several stages: making an investment, confirmation of  its  factual making and its registration. For confirmation and registration, different documents are to be submitted, including documents on value, form of investment, its deposition and others.

We developed some new approaches to registration of investments for our clients. Please read more here about that.

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